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We have a modern fleet of reliable equipment and have machinery suitable for any excavation work, from trench digging to large site preparation.

We are frequently utilised by fencing contractors to dig post holes with the use of our auger. Electricians and plumbers alike use our machines and their trenchers to perfectly sculpt channels for electrical cables, drains or irrigation.

We are fully licensed and insured, and guarantee that the job is done on time and on budget in a professional manner. Our earthmoving and excavation services include:

  • Sewer and stormwater excavations
  • Irrigation and trenching
  • Under house excavations
  • Landscape preparation

Our mini excavators can get between small spaces and in between buildings with ease and are perfect for gaining access into residential backyards of established homes with narrow street frontage.

Our services are also utilised by landscapers and gardening enthusiasts for various reasons. It can be for something as simple as tidying neglected gardens, removing plants or digging holes for new vegetation. It is important to note that our excavation machine has rubber tracks to make sure there is minimal disturbance to your property.

Our qualified operator will ensure that we leave the job site as tidy as possible. We have all the attachments including a dozer blade, ripper, 150mm, 350mm 450mm, 600mm and 1 metre mud bucket, 350mm and 450mm augers.

Before you choose which equipment to use, you need to figure out the following:

What is the equipment for?
How big is the job going to be?
How long would it take to do the job?
What to do with the excess soil?
How much will the whole thing cost?

There are several uses for our excavator machines, such as digging in a pool or under house excavations, digging in footings, trenches or drains. We can demolish unwanted structures in the backyard and remove rubbish with the help of our tip truck.

Our expandable rubber tracks and detachable roof allows us to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. So save your back and enquire into utilising our excavator. Our competitive rates are cheaper than you think.

Hiring a professional to do your excavation work for you has several benefits.

It reduces the risk of damaging your property — Professionals like Coolibah Plumbing are experienced workers and we know how to ensure we leave your property the way we entered it.

You save time and money – Time is money. We can do the job for you while you continue with your regular schedule. You don’t have to think of the best way to handle the job because we will do all that for you.

You can relax – Excavation jobs require a lot of effort. Doing it yourself means you are putting your body through extra strain that it normally doesn’t do. Coolibah Plumbers are experienced in this line of work and can take your pain away for you.


What our clients have to say

Very professional and workmanship was honest, efficient and very neat. Very impressed, will definitely use Coolibah plumbers again.


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