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Gas is the most popular fuel line in domestic plumbing. Natural gas is carried at low pressure to your home, via underground street pipes, while propane gas is delivered from storage tanks located behind buildings or buried underground.

Coolibah Plumbing has licensed plumbers who can do gas line installations necessary for the household heating and cooking. Our gas services include:

  • Installation of gas heating in your home and repairs to gas heating lines
  • Professional gas oven installations
  • Gas hot water heater installation
  • Gas barbecue connection
  • Fixing of gas leaks
  • Ensuring there are no gas leaks when adding or extending a gas line to your home

It is important to keep your home safe because even though gas leaks rarely cause explosions, there are still around 300 people that die every year from gas leak poisoning.

Odourless and colourless, natural gas is a common home fuel. The fact is that gas companies only added the chemical that created the rotten egg odour so people can easily smell if there is gas in the room.

Home gas detectors identify gas leaks and provide peace of mind – especially to elderly or anyone with a diminished sense of smell. “Hissing” sounds may indicate gas escape. You can attempt to close the gas shutoff valve provided a service professional is on-site with you.

To avoid gas leaks, keep your gas appliances clean, well ventilated, and regularly serviced to ensure their safe working order. Combustible materials should be kept at a distance from water heaters, furnaces, ovens, and any other gas units to avoid domestic fires. Every day precautions can spare you from unpleasant gas-leaks.

Act quickly when smelling gas.

  • Evacuate the premises immediately and call your gas company from a neighbour’s phone.
  • Stay away from electrical appliances, light switches, and phones. Fiddling with them may cause a deadly spark.
  • Avoid smoking, lighting matches or candle.
  • Stay out of your home until a gas company has officially examined the premises, checked the shutoff valves and declared your home safe.

Let professional plumbers service your gas appliances. In fact, even installing gas water heaters should be left to the licensed plumbers only. Every now and then, clean your gas oven from fat, grease and food debris, and have all gas appliances, together with the gas water heating system, regularly supervised by a professional plumber.

Outdoor gas leaks are much harder to detect by smell alone. Warning signs of outside gas leaks include hissing sounds, dirt or water blown in air, surface bubbles in water puddles and ponds or dead vegetation near gas lines. If you notice any of the above red flags in your garden, evacuate your home and call the gas company from your neighbour’s home.

Installing a gas line is not a DIY type of job due to the deadly nature of gas in untrained hands. For your own safety, get Coolibah Plumbing to deal with every aspect of your gas line system and set up.

What our clients have to say

I just had a plumber Karam of Coolibah Plumbing do some repairs to a gas fitting and a pierced water pipe. Very professional and workmanship was honest, efficient and very neat. Very impressed, will definitely use Coolibah plumbers again.

J Rozairo


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