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An inefficient, leaking hot water system will cost you money and harm the environment in the process. Did you know that regular maintenance of your hot water system increases its efficiency? If you would like your hot water system installed, serviced or repaired, or if you need your hot water system maintained, call us today on 0458303030. One of our trained and experienced professional plumbers will call to assist you anytime, day or night!

The average life expectancy of a hot water system is five to seven years. Sometimes, extending the life of your hot water system may be as simple as doing periodic maintenance. There are three easy ways to ensure the full life of your hot water system. This includes periodic maintenance of the:

  • Pressure Reducing Valves – These valves are the ones that control the water pressure to a level that is good for your hot water system so that fluctuating water pressure will not strain the lining of your tank.
  • Temperature Pressure Relief valve – Its primary design is to relieve excess pressure and temperature from your hot water system. A good indication that your TPR is working is when there is no discharge from the valve. If it is continually running, however, it might be time to replace it.
  • Sacrificial Anode – This is located internally in your mains pressure hot water system. The ‘magnesium’ anode is installed by the manufacturer to prevent the tank from rusting. Remember that the anode has a life span of around five years. You will need to replace it then as your hot water heater will start to rust. Sometimes, replacing the sacrificial anode extends the life of your system.

According to the Clean Energy Council, “electrical water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gases from the average Australian home, producing almost a quarter of household emissions”.

Switching to a more environmentally friendly hot water system will decrease your household’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to three tonnes and save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Our plumbers are experts in all hot water system installations. Whether it is a small mains pressure system to supply a single dwelling, an environmentally friendly solar system, or heaters to supply a commercial property, Coolibah Plumbing can accommodate.

You’ll know when your hot water system needs a plumber if you answered YES to any of the questions below:

Is your hot water discoloured?
Is your hot water system leaking?
Is your hot water too hot?
Does your hot water system seem to have limited pressure?
Is your hot water system showing signs of rust?

Don’t wait for your current hot water system to expire, leaving you out in the cold. Call Coolibah Plumbing so we can help you start saving money by having your hot water system running more efficiently.


What our clients have to say

I am a new landlord and the first week that my tenants arrived at the house the water heater was not working. I was so stressed out because I got a quote from another plumber who said that I needed to purchase and install a whole new water heater. I needed a 2nd opinion so I called  and they fit us into their schedule that same day. The technician was clean, friendly, and very professional. Your plumber was very thorough and reassessed the water heater to find that the igniter was the only thing that needed to be fixed. I could tell that he was very knowledgeable and even took the time to teach me and the tenant how the heater works and explained what we should do for maintenance. I was so impressed with how much he knew. He fixed the heater and my tenants were able to have hot water. I am so grateful for fast, friendly, and professional service.

Samantha from Mosman


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